Welcome to Super Agent Agency!

Your vision is our Mission

This is the home to hospitality professionals. All of our staff have been trained and are veterans from various Hospitality companies. We look for a special skill set required in the hospitality industry but most importantly we look for a bright personality and positive attitude to become a Super Agent.

Super Agents are proudly providing hospitality professionals:

  • Events Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Boardroom staff
  • Function wait staff
  • Barista
  • Bartender
  • Chefs
  • Kitchen assistance

Another side of Super Agent Agency provides outstanding cleaning services:

  • Prior/post events
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • End of lease
  • Windows cleaning

We choose to remain Boutique and emphasise quality rather than quantity. The Work culture with our staff is very important and remains as the highest priority to us. Hence, we want our team members to take clients responsibility as their own responsibility and enjoy every bit of their work. This certainly, will help execute the mission with ease.

Once you are involved with our Agents, ‘Your vision is our Mission’!

Super-Agent Agency came to existence from our Director Nilesh Thakali also known as Nelson and his business partner Shesh Shrestha who runs his own cleaning services.

Nelson has been in Hospitality Industry since his childhood. He was Born and Raised in a Hardworking Hotelier family and further moved on to Switzerland to master the industry. Most of his knowledge and experiences come from Europe and Asia and he has already managed some of the finest Catering, Restaurants and cafés in Sydney.

Shesh, on the other hand, has been running cleaning services in Sydney for more than a decade.

After two of the friends met, they introduced their field of work to each other and brought Super Agent Agency into existence. Now, proudly a business partner they both understand the quality of service that’s required and they conduct training twice a week for their staff to set us apart from other Agencies.

Super Agents have a story to share and it begins with our partnering and supporting clients. We thank you all for the trust and opportunity to provide our Super Agents with a new home to deliver your message to your clients or guest.



Director Mr. N Thakali

Wealth of Hospitality Knowledge & Experience

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