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From “Mise en Place” to perfect execution, we are your new partner in crime and premium staffing agency in need.


We are devoted to our hospitality fundamentals learnt from our school and experiences. We always train under the basic fundamentals of the rich hospitality industry to maintain our consistency. We believe that skillset can be obtained in the process but personality and can-do attitude need to be maintained from the beginning.


‘Our Waiters are not only waiters but the finest salesperson to your craft’


Our Agency would like to work for few selected prestigious companies to maintain the Quality of service. We value our standards and the strong work culture between our staff remains our highest priority. We want to be recognized as the Hospitality Agency that has a heavy influence on Hospitality knowledge & Experience and has an eye for every detail with emphasis on Positive and bright Personality in our Agents.

Once you are involved with our Agent, ‘Your vision is our Mission

Director Mr. N Thakali

Wealth of Hospitality Knowledge & Experience

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